Time to Reflect

time-to-reflect“One of the best things to do when confronted by a major surprise is to see what there is to be learned from the experience.”

The above quote is from Bloomberg columnist and best-selling author Barry Ritholtz, in an article titled “Trump’s Win Yields Investing Wisdom.” Definitely worth the read, the article talks about flawed forecasting, how we all read in a biased way that simply confirms our prior beliefs, random factors and luck, hindsight bias, and more. 

What do we at Carlisle Financial have to add?  That sound investing is for the long term and this is why we believe diversification in a portfolio is so vital. And that the most important decision you can make for yourself is understanding your own tolerance for risk. Once you appreciate that, you will not be swayed by the emotion of the moment.  

Over the long term, investing in the stock market has been a good strategy to growing wealth. Your risk tolerance leads to a reasonable asset allocation so that you can sleep at night and take advantage of market swings as they come along –– like during election season.

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