Taking Ownership


Last week, Prudential unveiled a study on women and finances and the news wasn’t good.  The bottom line? Women feel just as unprepared to make smart financial decisions today as they did a decade ago.  So despite a greater emphasis on female financial literacy, women have not moved forward.

One of the most sobering statistics of the 1,407 women polled was that only 14% felt they could earn enough for retirement to maintain their lifestyle, and only 20% felt prepared to make smart money moves in general. What it comes down to is this: despite the fact that women are increasingly the family breadwinner, they still feel completely unprepared to make long-term financial decisions about saving and investing.

The study, titled Financial Experience & Behaviors Among Women, is highlighted in Forbes magazine (here).  It’s an interesting read that includes four simple action steps to help get you moving forward.  As the last two sentences of the article so wisely point out: You’re accountable for your own financial future. Take ownership.  We couldn’t agree more.


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