Carlisle Financial Group is a value-oriented investment firm created specifically to address the long term investment needs of women. Our goal is to help women focus on the importance of their financial future by making intelligent investment decisions today and tomorrow. Carlisle Financial welcomes all women. Unlike most investment firms who often have a minimum account size, Carlisle Financial makes intelligent investing accessible to all.


As a fee-only advisor, Carlisle Financial Group invests in an intelligent, value oriented and prudent manner, utilizing low-cost index funds to obtain diversification in global markets. The advantages of index funds are lower risk through diversification, lower fees, and eliminating individual stock and/or fund manager risk. And why the importance of valuation to our philosophy? Valuation is an essential step in intelligent investing. We employ a value-oriented investment process to our purchases and sales to have a better opportunity to create long term wealth.

{More here about indexing, and more here to learn about the importance of valuation.}


As the owner and portfolio manager of Carlisle Financial Group, Linda Taylor brings over thirty years of investing experience to her clients. She is a Registered Investment Adviser and earned her M.B.A. from Columbia Business School, where she studied investments under the legendary Jim Rogers. Following her graduation at Columbia, she joined Fidelity Investments as a research analyst recommending stocks to portfolio managers that included Peter Lynch, manager of Magellan Fund and Bruce Johnstone, manager of Equity Income Fund. Linda worked at Fidelity for nearly ten years, managing portfolios in a value oriented manner. When she left the firm in 1995, to focus on her family life, she was Vice President and Portfolio Manager at Fidelity Trust Company, responsible for managing over $490 million of pension assets for corporate clients.

In November 2010, Linda joined three other women to co-found Powerhouse Assets LLC, an investment management firm that focused on educating women about the importance of investing. She was a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager. In 2012, Linda founded Carlisle Financial Group to focus on investing in a value oriented manner.

Linda understands the concerns and needs that women have and offers one-on-one consultations designed to determine a client’s financial goals and to develop an investment plan that will meet those goals.