A Smart Five Minutes

We invite you to take five minutes to watch a recent and compelling interview with David Stockman. His message about the current state of the world economy is worth hearing.

As you might remember, Mr. Stockman became Director of the Office of Management and Budget under President Reagan and after leaving the White House, had a 20-year career on Wall Street. He has a unique perspective on world markets and his message to us now is that we’re at the end of an era –– the end of a worldwide era where central banks printed money, injecting liquidity like never before. This led to a massive credit expansion and raised world debt levels from $40 trillion in 1995, to an alarming $225 trillion today. According to Mr. Stockman, everywhere is at peak debt and central banks are out of dry powder. He feels that a big pull back is overdue, which will result in a worldwide slowdown and recession with stock prices being mauled.

At Carlisle Financial, we believe this is a time to be patient. If you would like to discuss your current investments and portfolio, please feel free to contact us. For the interview with David Stockman, go here.

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